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International leadership in the bakery and horeca fields, 10 years of experience in the house-ware field with products tested and used by the worldwide most popular pastry chefs, a range of about 6000 items handled over a surface of 14.000m2 which includes production plant and warehouse. Location: Suisio, close to Bergamo.

These figures identify PAVONI ITALIA, a constantly growing company which pays close attention to the development of new product ranges with the highest quality-price ratio.

Pavoni Italia did concentrate its tasks in the development and production of plastic containers, moulds, accessories and small machinery for bakery and confectionary industries, collecting customer needs and identifying the most convenient solutions with the help of a highly professional technical department responsible for drafting new projects and feasibility plans. In the last years more attention has been paid to the house-ware field supported by the technical know-how achieved through several years of experience in the bakery industry. Thanks to that, the range of baking moulds and high tech accessories PAVONIDEA has been launched.

Over the years PAVONI ITALIA has built up a good reputation on the market due to its correctness and transparency in business management. Its reputation is now even stronger thanks to ISO 9001:2008 certification. In fact, PAVONI ITALIA is one of very first Italian companies in its sector to boast a certified Quality Management System.

PAVONI ITALIA’s innovative products developed by a state of art Design and Engineering staff, and worldwide distributed through a widespread network of partners. Order processing complying with quality levels and delivery times according to market requirements are made possible thanks to high quality standards during the manufacturing cycle and efficient monito-ring system.

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