Croissant 70g, Box 60 BR31044
Pain Au Chocolat 75g, Box 70 BR31001
Pain Au Raisin 110g, Box 60 BR31002
Pain Chocolat & Custard 95g, Box 70 BR36622
Chausson Aux Pomme 105g, Box 50 BR30228
Ham & Cheese Swirl 120g, Box 54 (Temporarily Out of Stock) BR33123
Cinnamon Swirl 100g, Box 60 BR32160
Apricot Danish 115g, Box 60 BR30009
Mini Gourmandise Assort 30g, Box 140 BR32232
Twist Chocolate Custard 90g, Box 70 BR30308
Twist Cheese & Onion 90g, Box 70 BR38238
Mini Cranberry Twist 30g, Box 100 BR32156


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