Cacao Barry Mexique 66%, 1kg
Cacao Barry Mexique 66%, 1kg

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry Mexique 66%, 1kg

First impressing the palate with a slightly sourish taste, this origin chocolate from Mexico releases spicy and woody notes, with a hint of liquorice.

Dark chocolate callets, minimum 66% cocoa solids. Medium fluidity, high intensity.

Suggested pairings: cinnamon, gingerbread, curry, liquorice, raspberry, banana, sweet wine, caramel, hazelnut


Established in 1842, Cacao Barry has grown across three centures to craft some of the world's finest chocolate. Their origin and specialty couvertures are highly nuanced with flavour and smoothness, giving that touch of wonder to fine dining and patisserie. All Cacao Barry chocolate is certified through the Cocoa Horizons program to ensure total traceability and sustainable farming.


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