Callebaut Velvet Callets, 2.5kg
Callebaut Velvet Callets, 2.5kg


Callebaut Velvet Callets, 2.5kg

This white chocolate recipe is the silkiest, creamiest white chocolate in the Callebaut range. Enjoy a rich mouthfeel that never ever becomes too heavy.

Pair this chocolate with everything from exotic spices like saffron to a wide range of fruits.

White chocolate callets, minimum 32% cocoa butter, medium fluidity.


Using only the finest ingredients, Callebaut has been crafting premium Belgian Chocolate for more than 100 years. Their carefully formulated recipes are characterised by balance and smoothness, perfect for all desserts and delicacies. Callebaut chocolate is certified through the Cocoa Horizons program to ensure total traceability and sustainable farming.


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