Sosa Vegetable Gelling Agent, 500g


Sosa Vegetable Gelling Agent, 500g

Mix of carrageen and carob bean gum. Transparent and elastic gelatine. Cannot be frozen. Thermoreversible. Dose: 50g per kg.


With more than 50 years of experience, Sosa is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality ingredients for gastronomy, pastries and ice-cream. With a catalog exceeding 3,000 options including texturing, lyophilizers, concentrated pastes and nuts, Sosa products are developed in accordance with the 4 pillars of modern cuisine: rich flavor, reduced sweetness, light fat content, and exciting textural contrast.
Dissolve in cold liquid with water content > 80%, and bring to 65° C (better to boil), jellifies from 60° C on.


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